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    Ustroń Walking

    The wander routs are marked with a square of 10 by 10cm cut in half by a diagonal line which divides it into two triangles of which the lower one may have a different color(blue, red, green ect.) and the upper one is always white. Each path begins at the Ustron Market, but id doesn’t mean that you have to start your journey there.

    The Spring Path – marked with the color red, 8km long, walking-time about 3h15min. On the route through the Gosciradowca Valley there are the “Iron Spring” discovered in 1883 and “Carl’s Spring” with drinking water.

    Sanitarium Path – marked with the yellow color, 4km long, walking-time about 1,5h. Underway interesting present-day architecture of ustrons Zawodzie district. The path leads to the “Suprising Woods Park” where you can become one with nature, see birds of prey, warrantable and endangered animals of Europe.

    Wisla Path – marked with green and red, 7km long, walking-time about 3h. The path leads along the Wisla river far from the city. You can also reach Carl’s Spring via this rout.

    Jeleniczek Path – marked with the color blue, 5.5k long, walking-time about 2h. The path leads to an camping field at the foot of Mala Czantoria, where you will find an arbor with a roof and a camp-fire circle. There is a shop nearby where you can buy sausages.

    Wood Path – marked blue and yellow, 8km long, walking time about 3,5h. You can walk this path from the Mala Czantoria camping field where you can get to by road. The path also leads to a black(meaning dangerous) rout leading to Tul and Mala Czantoria.

    The Urban Path – marked brown, 3km length, walking-time about 1h plus 45min of sightseeing at the Museum of metallurgy and blacksmith-work

    Monumental Path – marked with the color blue, 4km long, walking-time about 2h. The trail blooms with a wide variety of interesting monuments of the material culture.

    Path to Jaszowiec – marked black, 9km long, walking time about 3,5h. The rout goes through Jaszowiec - the Holiday district of Ustron – built thanks to the initiative of katowice’s authorities E.Gierek and gen. George Zietek.

    Sightseeing Path– marked with the color red, 9km long, walking-time about 4h. Wonderful sights, requires more durable boots